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  • After studying the system that was being used carefully, we were able to comeup with a solution to best handle the accounting work.

    MUPA Technical Services Ltd Computerised Accounting
  • Inorder to be able to get up to speed with their international guests, we were asked to develop a site that does that so well.

    Valley Inn Website development
  • To be able to handle the day to day activities at the different branches, monitoring transactions and ensuring there are no discrepancies, a system was developed to handle their activities

    Mike Merchants International Ltd Accounting & Computerised Accounting
  • An institution operating in three countries needed the best solutions to handle their Long distance learning services and also reach out to many other people. Our work is still ongoing

    Africa Population Institute IT Consultancy & Digital Marketing
  • To best match to the new URA system, we were asked to study the business scenario and best advise on how to integrate to the new system. We also implemented our study.

    WoolWorth-Africa/Uganda EFRIS Setup
  • Implementation of the Kakasa Solutions that were launched by URA. These solutions include but not limited to EFRIS

    Palm Hotel Business Solutions
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