EFRIS URA training


Ever since July 1st 2020 when URA rolled out the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS) to handle e-invoicing and e-receipts that is an initiative under the Domestic Revenue Mobilisation Strategy (2019/20-2023/24), there has been a beehive of activities in letting the businesses get acquitted to the system will be used by all businesses as provided for under Section 73A of the Tax Procedures Code Act 2014.

VINAS Businesses as the experts in Computerising businesses was not left behind by URA. Our team of IT and accounting experts have been well trained to offer support.

We offer: trainings on the use of EFRIS to individuals and enterprises, support in transforming the company to best suit to the EFRIS system. We do all this with the professionalism it deserves