CEO’s Notebook: Hardest thing about building a startup

Business CEO Notebook
When starting a business, you generate different ideas but you can’t tell what will work and what won’t. As an upcoming CEO, you need to carry your notebook daily, keep track of your ideas and evaluate them to find what works.
In building a successful startup, very many questions come up often. We now use this platform to respond to some of the questions we have often received from some of our clients.
It very true that once you’re starting a business, results seem to take long. What will differentiate an entrepreneur from a mere profit-seeking individual is remaining focused despite the delay to obtain the much wanted results.
Keep doing what’s right!
This is quite challenging!
First thing, you must know that as the bearer of an idea, you must work so hard to ensure that the idea is brought to reality.
Secondly, share the idea with the would-be co-founder and find out if you’re like-minded-having similar/close thoughts of the same.
Your best choice must be someone  excited about your idea however challenging it may be, interested in the business growth and management other than profit. Avoid egocentric individuals who will mainly look at how they will benefit.
Take your time to find such an individual-Don’t rush!

Good hiring comes from the founder’s gut.

Aim at the skills more than just a mere CV. Writing qualifications and abilities on paper is easy but few will be able to implement what they wrote.

You will never be able to hire the right people unless you yourself devote 100% to your startup, mentally and physically.

I guess this should have been the first question even, hahaha!

Sincerely speaking, finding an idea is not gold on a plate. Important for one to know is that an idea must be a problem. Sometimes even finding a problem is a problem but lets delve into it briefly.

What challenge is there in the community and how are you going to solve it? No need for you to copy people’s ideas. Look at a challenge in the society and ask a few people on how they would wish it to be solved.

One challenge I have realised with most of us is that we never wish to share. When you develop an idea, you keep quiet and what to surprise everyone with your creativity. Businesses are not birthday parties of this world.

One of the challenges most of us face when starting up a business, we just go to the internet and in papers to read about those that have nade it in business. It’s a very good thing but have you ever imagined the failures they had? It’s way less seductive than you think it is. Most of these tycoons went through hard times but don’t get the opportunity to talk about them in the media. Success looks great on paper, but deep down you know it’s fabricated.

The ability to continue marching forward when everything you tried failed and looking for another way. Essentially staying committed to your goal no matter the obstacles. That’s what defines a successful entrepreneur.

Above all, treat your startup as a baby. Care for it at all times. Invest in it.

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